With a few simple rules we can now entertain you and raise some much needed funds for the Air Ambulance Charity that we all appreciate.

Hillside Close End of Lockdown Celebrations Afternoon Raised £200

Hello Boys and Girls.


Please think about our cause and see if you could  find a venue for us to entertain you in the near future.

We look forward to hearing from you and please please look through our website and perhaps find the page where we offer a CD experiance for you to buy for friends and relations or even yourself , it makes good night time listening for all.

Stay safe out there please and remember stay strong and we all will come out the other side.

Gaz Dave and the Boys.

If you go down in the woods today.............No not nursery rhymes but the boys brushing up on Xmas carols ready for the 2021 festive season.

GRV111 are a group of friends who enjoy singing songs from around the world in a cappella style.

We sing at various events and have raised over £13,500 for our charity West Midlands Air Ambulance 

Late last year we recorded a live charity concert at Malvern. This CD has been released and can be purchased NOW !!!!

We hope once again with your generosity we can say a big thank you by sharing all proceeds between the wonderful ANGELS of our NHS and the West Midlands Air Ambulance .

When you buy our CD you will be able to sing along with our added rendition of Robbie Williams’ ANGELS. We look forward to seeing you in the near future. Please, please share this with your family, friends and colleagues to help us say a big THANK YOU to the ANGELS.

Gaz, Dave and Boys.

Hello !

Due to the problems in the world at this moment we have decided to alter this website as its funded from our own pockets, the site would be better used in funding the Air Ambulance direct, and our beloved NHS.


To this end we have produced a new CD with  the proceeds from sales being donated to say thank you to our special NHS and the personnel who are at the front line at this very bad time for all of us and our beloved Air Ambulance Charity.

For more information on our future gigs please look to the forthcoming events page in the menu page above.

    Our email address is ...grviii@gmx.com

Please look out for our CD information update here as it happens.Look no further its here and on sale via the website or contact any of the boys as they have stock especially for you and your friends.We look forward to seeing and meeting you in the very near future.


Gaz n Dave and The Boys

Nessun Dorma

Recorded Live in Malvern

Your Event Posted Here

The Boys and Lynne Barker (Chair Lady) at Bromyard Folk Festival

"Sing John Ball"

Jointly with The Rough Diamonds.

Martley Fringe June 2019

Bewdley Museum at Christmas

The Limestone Caverns underneath Dudley

Thanks for Looking we look forward to singing for you.

Gaz the Sherriff

If you would like to know more about us please 

use the Email address below.

Alternativly fill in the form.




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